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How to Mint an NFT on Cardano

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To mint NFT on Cardano, you can use one of the specialized services that offer free or almost free NFT minting. But first, why Cardano? Cardano is a blockchain whose NFT ecosystem has just begun its rise, but it has begun it quite noticeably. The fact is that it is incredibly profitable to create NFT on Cardano, because minting one NFT can cost from 17 cents! Let's figure out how to do it without the need to know the basics of programming and know how to code, and very soon your collection will stand out among the lists of upcoming Cardano NFT projects!

NFT Generators So, there are a number of sites that will only require you to upload a jpeg file that will be linked to your NFT, specify the number of NFTs in the collection, and answer a number of simple questions. You'll also need a Cardano wallet and some ADA to pay for the gas fees.

NFT Maker One of the oldest services on Cardano to create NFTs is NFT Maker. Connect your Cardano-compatible wallet to it and in just five simple steps you can create an entire collection with up to 10,000 NFTs! If you have already set up your wallet and deposited some ADA to pay for the minting fees, then you need to register on the platform, and find the 'New Project' button. This button will take you to a small questionnaire that you need to fill out.

Buffy Bot Another way to easily mint NFT on Cardano is the Buffy Bot. Don't let the name mislead you - Buffy Bot is not just a bot, it's an entire company that offers consulting and service for creating NFT collections on Cardano. To use their services, you need to get in touch with their team. This solution is suitable for those who want to create a large collection on Cardano, for a single NFT Buffy Bot will be an inconvenient solution. However, keep in mind that Buffy Bot will ask you for 20% of the profits from your collection in return.